Healthy posture



When you were younger, did you get told a lot to: pull your shoulders back, keep your back straight or sit up straight? Well, scientific research has actually shown that there is not one perfect posture. It’s better to change your posture frequently. This will prevent stiff muscles and cramps.

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Obviously, there are a number of tricks to help you improve your ergonomics. Choose an office chair that you can completely adapt to your body. Place your feet flat on the floor and don’t press your legs into your chair. A springy, flexible backrest is better than a fixed one. Finally, position your screen at eye level to prevent a stiff neck.

Try not to sit down all day long. Instead, get up once in a while to walk up to your colleagues’ desks rather than emailing them. Sitting for prolonged periods of time affects your circulation, which makes it harder for waste products to be removed and this, in turn, results in stiff muscles.

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