Mindful vs. full mind



Have you ever consciously thought about how you arrive at work in the morning? How you never even noticed that an entire hour has just gone by? How you just stare into the void when you are stuck in traffic on your way to work? Or how you are so caught up in your own ideas that you miss the bigger picture during a meeting?

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Maybe you should look around the next time you are in a traffic jam? Who knows? You might notice beautiful landscapes, historic buildings or just an inviting bench that simply lures you to sit down and enjoy a delicious cappuccino. Your overflowing brain will then come to rest, which you will feel throughout the day.

Maybe during a meeting, you should first push back your chair, take off your obstinate glasses, or stifle the voice that tells you your plan is the best one? Who knows, other ideas might enhance your own idea and you might reach even better insights?! 

In short, by applying some Mindfulness principles, your day can suddenly take a very different turn.

Try to really pay attention to the things that actually matter and avoid getting lost in your thoughts and judgements and the countless items on your to-do list. Sometimes you might have a tendency to deal with ten things simultaneously, which will eventually cost you more time than when you tackle them individually. Our golden tip: Start by taking a few minutes in the morning, just being present, quietly, while drinking your coffee. Repeat this a few times throughout the day. A minute’s break to catch your breath will reduce your stress level and greatly expand your perspective!

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