Take a mobile phone break



Do you also spend your evenings scrolling mindlessly through Facebook, Instagram, news sites etc? It’s time to take a break from this, because not only are you missing out on important quality time with family or friends, it also has a negative impact on your health.

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We, humans, are a curious bunch who want to be up-to-date with all the latest news, which makes it really tempting to just keep on scrolling. But this behaviour also causes us stress, so it’s better to set yourself some limits. For instance: I’ll give myself the next 15 minutes to look at everything and then I’ll put my phone away.

Try to follow positive people and look for positive news sites. That way, you won’t feel bad every time you’re reminded of the fact that you haven’t got the same standard of living as celebrity A or B, or you won’t get all down and depressed after reading negative news reports on certain news sites.

Instead of mindless scrolling, do something fun, like going for a walk or doing a jigsaw puzzle or cooking.

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