A decluttered mind



You can spend as much time and effort as you like doing all kinds of relaxation activities, but if you don’t declutter you mind, you will never really feel Zen. And yes, that’s easier said than done! 

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Waste products build up in your brain just like in the rest of your body. These are removed as part of your body’s repair and maintenance processes. But you can do your bit to keep your mind healthy by decluttering or ‘detoxing’ your mind. Compare it to giving your liver a break so it can keep working properly. If waste products don’t get removed and if you don’t clear your mind of negative, toxic thoughts at regular intervals, you will get tired more quickly and be more susceptible to headaches and even depression. Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that people who suffer from stress for years, experience brain tissue loss? 

One really great tip you have probably already heard of is: a clean house creates a clear mind. Get rid of everything that you don’t find beautiful or doesn’t give you joy, everything you no longer use and everything that is broken. Where possible, take these things to the recycling centre or donate them to charity shops. This will not only free up space in your home, the physical act of decluttering also has you moving around. This releases dopamine in your brain, making you feel good. Movement (and exercise) also cause the body to produce less cortisol (i.e. the stress hormone).  

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Silence is another important element in your quest for relaxation. You can find silence in nature, but also during a day of me-time in the sauna. What’s more, you can add a massage to your sauna experience to really leave all your stresses and strains behind for a while! 

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