Boost your immune system


Got the autumn blues? Feeling a bit under the weather? Time to boost your immunity! Yes, you could do more exercising, eat more healthily, but there is a much more enjoyable way to support your immune system: having a sauna! 

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Research has shown that, after having a sauna, there is an increase in white blood cells. In other words, sauna sessions stimulate the immune system. The result? People who regularly have saunas are less likely to catch a cold or get the flu. In the sauna, your body also produces antibodies in response to the alternate exposure to hot and cold temperatures. According to one study in Finland, people who had a sauna twice a week were 40% less likely to catch a cold

After 10 to 20 minutes in the sauna, your heart rate increases by about 50% to 75%, comparable to when you go on a fast-paced walk. At the same time, more blood is pumped around your body, resulting in the faster supply of oxygen and nutrients, as well as a more efficient and faster removal of waste products. This improves your body’s ability to repair itself

Another great reason to plan your next visit to your favourite wellness centre! 

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