Banja ritual



Have you ever attended a Banja session? During this session, a bunch of birch twigs are dipped in water, which makes them release a lovely, specific scent. They are used to turn up the heat, but also on the participants.

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Sounds painful, you say? On the contrary, it is an extremely pleasant experience! You lie on your front on one of the benches in the steam bath and the back of your body is hit gently with the birch twigs during the session. This improves circulation, cleanses the skin and reduces stress and painful joints.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on Thursday evening at 19:00 in the steam bath at Thermae Boetfort for a Banja Ritual!

A day of sauna plus a massage for your birthday at a price-busting 57 euros, exclusively for our newsletter subscribers!

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