Your first aufguss



An Aufguss session is always led by one of our sauna masters. Usually he/she will stand in the middle of the sauna to fan with a damp towel, which raises the wind chill significantly. In other words, you will sweat during an Aufguss session.

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Is it your first time? Don’t be a hero but listen to your body. If you can’t stand the heat, don’t be ashamed to leave the Aufguss session early. Off course we do have a few more tips for you up our sleeve:

  • Inform the sauna master that it’s your first time before entering the sauna. If you have a medical condition (such as high blood pressure or heart disease) ask your physician for advice before going to the sauna.
  • Pick a good spot. Go for the lowest bench, closest to the door. The next session you can move upwards. How higher you go; how warmer it feels. We also advise you to sit upright instead of laying down on the bench. It lowers the chance of you getting dizzy.
  • It’s also important to cool down properly. Slowly stand up and gently walk out of the sauna. Walk around and focus on your breathing so the fresh air fills up your lungs. Afterwards you can cool down your body with cold water, starting with your feet.
  • It’s better to have a normal body temperatur before entering the session, so don’t visit another sauna beforehand.
  • The idea is that you lie/sit on a towel that is big enough for your whole body to lie/sit on. So, make sure to bring a large towel.
  • Arrive on time. It is disruptive when people join the session late. For this reason, there is a sign displayed by the sauna with an Aufguss session in progress that kindly asks you to return at a later time.

Finally, and we can’t stress this enough: Enjoy and relax, but above all, listen to your body.

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