5 tips for a relaxing massage



Have you enjoyed a relaxing massage at our wellness centre and want to experience the same at home? You can buy our massage oil at the reception of our spa. Choose between an oil that is either neutral or scented with orange, basil or lavender extracts. Prefer a cream? Our organic body butter cream with mango or strawberry comes highly recommended!

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We are happy to give you five tips on how to give a relaxing massage!

1.       Create a relaxed atmosphere. Turn down the lights, put on some relaxing music and make sure the room is at the right temperature. You are not supposed to feel cold during the massage.

2.       Not only the person receiving the massage can relax, the masseur should also be relaxed. Strange as it may sound, you pass on your vibes during the massage. Do some breathing exercises to calm down before you start and put daily worries out of your mind. Try not to think about anything for a while and just focus on the massage itself.

3.       Use enough massage oil, but not too much either. The idea is to make real contact with the skin and not just slide over it. Warm the oil in your hands and apply it to the body. Do not pour it directly onto the skin. Do you want to add some extra oil during the massage? Put one hand on the body and use the other hand to pour oil over your hand on the skin. This will make the oil warm up first before it gently touches the skin.

4.       Alternate large and small movements. First warm up the skin with a few large movements, rubbing gently and slowly all over the back, not forgetting the arms. This is how you warm up the muscles. Then you can, for example, make small circles with your thumbs at shoulder level and work your way down the spine. Don't just use your hands, but massage with your forearms as well.

5.       Pay attention to the reaction of the person you are massaging. The idea is not to hurt anyone, so massaging too hard is a no go.

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