Sauna in the spotlight: Four Therapy sauna


The Four Therapy sauna is a unique sauna, an open – but nice and warm – sauna!

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The Four Therapy sauna incorporates two types of infrared therapy: the usual infrared, with red light, and FAR infrared, which is invisible to the naked eye. Infrared therapy warms your body as opposed to the air around you in the cabin. This alleviates muscle aches and pains.

Therapy number two? Colour therapy. The colour of light changes, with each colour having a different effect. Yellow light, for instance, makes you feel joyful, happy and energetic, while blue light – the colour of love – has a calming, soothing effect, making you feel peaceful

The fourth and final therapy is salt therapy. The sauna floor is covered in salt crystals. You enter this sauna barefoot, because the soles of your feet have a lot of pressure points that are stimulated when your bare feet come in contact with the salt crystal floor. All these pressure points are connected to certain parts of your body, which when stimulated have a healing effect on these body parts. The pressure points in your big toe, for instance, are connected to your head and throat. Those in the balls of your feet are connected to your heart. But that’s not where the health benefits end. Salt crystals purify the air, which makes them perfect in a bedroom, for instance, because they promote peaceful sleep. On top of this, they have a positive effect on your airways!

This sauna is situated next to the Mine sauna, in the nude area of Thermae Boetfort. Have you tried our Four Therapy sauna yet?

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