Sauna in the spotlight: Ice Cave sauna



This special sauna is situated in the park in the nude area of Thermae Boetfort. 

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Not only is this sauna located in a stunning setting, the actual space is special in itself because this used to be the ‘fridge’ of the 400-year-old castle, the ice house. And after warming up in the sauna, you can cool down again in the shower on the pontoon with views of the swimming lake.

It’s about 70°C in this sauna, so quite a gentle sauna, the perfect place to start or end your day of sauna. It has dimmed lighting, a low ceiling, and is a smaller sauna. In other words, a cosy little cocoon where you can totally relax. 

So, next time you visit, do go for a stroll through the grove and try the Ice Cave sauna!

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