Cleanse your skin in two steps



Your skin is exposed to all kinds of aggressors, so it’s very important to cleanse it properly. But don’t worry, this process doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Whether you wear makeup or not, you really should cleanse your skin twice a day. In the evening, because your skin repairs itself at night and that’s easier when your skin is clean to start with. And, in the morning, because your skin expels toxins at night. So, it’s best to first remove these before applying your serum and/or day cream. That way, the active ingredients in these products can have optimal effect.

What is the best way to cleanse your skin? It’s really not that hard:

1.       Use a cleansing milk. You can apply this directly to your skin with wet hands and gently massage into your skin. Or, put a little bit of product on a cotton wool pad and wipe this on your face.

2.       Next, put some lotion on a clean cotton wool pad and dab it on your face.

These are the two basic steps that you should do twice a day. You can add a regular gentle peeling to this skincare regime for a slightly deeper cleanse of your skin and to remove dead skin cells, among other things. Afterwards, apply your skincare products as usual.

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