Halotherapy, could it work wonders for your skin too?



Did you know that halotherapy is a relaxing way to tackle some common skin and other conditions?

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Halotherapy or salt therapy is an alternative therapy we provide in our unique salt room. The walls and ceiling of this room are clad in salt. The floor, too, is covered in salt crystals. The idea is that you go into this room barefoot so that these crystals ‘massage’ the many pressure points in the soles of your feet.

Our salt room has its own unique microclimate. During a halotherapy session, medicinal salt is dispersed in the air. You can hardly feel this, but you can taste it. Although not a curative treatment, this safe, natural treatment may help reduce discomfort caused by certain health conditions.

Among them, skin problems. Like psoriasis, for instance. A very common skin condition characterised by minor infections, resulting in red marks and flaky, itchy skin etc. Or eczema, with eczema sufferers often having dry, flaky, red skin that is very itchy. And acne, too, in which sebum glands get blocked or infected. Salt has an anti-inflammatory effect on all these conditions, soothing the skin. What’s more, a halotherapy session also boosts your body’s self-healing ability.

Halotherapy not only works wonders for your skin, it can also help alleviate breathing problems associated with chronic colds, asthma, hay fever, among other things. And because it improves your lung function, it is also the perfect therapy for exercisers and athletes. Then, there are the mental benefits. A session in our salt room will restore calm and balance, relieve stress and promote a good night’s sleep.

Ready to give halotherapy a try? At Thermae Boetfort, we organise two sessions daily which our guests can take part in freely. You do need to sign up at the centre because spaces are limited. Also, please be in the changing rooms five minutes before the start of the session. You will need to wear your bathrobe when taking part in these sessions. That said, if you are having a halotherapy session to alleviate your skin problems, make sure that the areas to be treated can be easily uncovered. You do also need to bring a towel to place under your body.

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