Does halotherapy boost your immunity?



Halotherapy is widely believed to alleviate certain skin and lung conditions but could this popular salt therapy also boost your immunity?

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In Eastern Europe, the health benefits of salt therapy have been recognised for centuries. In the early 1800s, doctors noticed that salt mine workers were hardly ever ill. Before long, one of them saw an opportunity to make money from this by opening a treatment centre in a disused salt mine. At Thermae Boetfort, we had a salt room built that recreates the conditions of such a salt cave.

The salt room at Thermae Boetfort is completely covered in salt: the walls, the floor and the ceiling. On top of this, medicinal salt particles are dispersed in this room, which are so tiny that they can easily and quickly be absorbed in the deepest layers of the lungs. This creates a cleansing, healing climate similar to that found in the salt mines of Eastern Europe.

Halotherapy is a natural, safe treatment method with antibacterial properties which may help reduce inflammation and restore balance in your body. What’s more, it is believed to stimulate your body’s self-cleansing ability. So far, there has only been limited research done into whether or not halotherapy boosts the immune system, but scientists suspect this may well be the case. The salt appears to kill off harmful micro-organisms in the respiratory system and increase the production of white blood cells. White blood cells are the body’s soldiers that help fight off disease and infection.

Fancy giving our salt therapy a try? At Thermae Boetfort, we organise two halotherapy sessions a day which our guests can take part in free of charge. You do need to sign up at the centre, though. Just ask our reception staff about availability when checking in. Make sure to wear a bathrobe when attending your session and please respect the silence. Just like elsewhere in our wellness resort, electronic devices are not allowed in our salt room.

Halotherapy is believed to not only boost your immunity, it may also improve lung function and alleviate skin problems and reduce stress! 

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