Summer cooldown



Love a good cooldown after your sauna? We think it’s a must and the summer is the perfect time to learn how to do it right!

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A proper cooldown is an intrinsic part of a healthy sauna day. The number one rule is: spend just as long in as out of the sauna. So, fifteen minutes in the sauna means a fifteen-minute cooldown afterwards.

We have broken it down into three simple steps for you:

  • Leave the sauna in your spa slippers (and possibly your bathrobe/towel) and have a little stroll around outside. Take a few deep breaths in and out because after your sauna round your alveoli are fully open so oxygen is more easily absorbed.
  • Next, have a cold shower, start by immersing the parts of your body that are furthest away from your heart and work your way up to your heart.
  • Only then should you go into the cold plunge pool and when you do, don’t forget to splash water over or fully immerse your head.

It’s not a good idea to head back into the sauna straightaway. Have a short break and rest for a while.

At Thermae Boetfort, the cold plunge pool is next to the Mine sauna and the cold shower with the most beautiful view is the one next to the Ice Cave sauna. A cooldown with views of the castle, who would say no that?

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