The benefits of a face massage



A good face massage is relaxing, makes you feel happy and keeps your skin firm and supple!

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A face massage is the perfect wellness moment to start or end your day with. Physical touch releases oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone. This lowers your blood pressure, slows down your heart rate and reduces the production of adrenaline. In other words: it lowers your stress levels and boosts your wellbeing! What’s more, this hormone also has a positive effect on your nervous system, your breathing, your digestion and your memory.


But that’s not all. Massaging your skin boosts blood flow, which accelerates the circulation of oxygen throughout the body. This allows nutrients to be delivered to their destination more quickly and improves lymphatic drainage. So, less chance of fluid build-up or in other words: bye-bye eye bags. Harmful waste products are also removed more efficiently.


Anyone who regularly does a good face massage will soon notice the lifting, rejuvenating effect. A massage promotes the production of collagen and elastin, two structural proteins that help keep your skin firm and supple. The connective tissue massage also stimulates cell renewal.


So, yes, a face and head massage really does work wonders for your health and wellbeing.



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