Alcohol: yes or no



During your sauna visit, your body starts to sweat to cope with the heat, which means you lose fluids.

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Alcohol also removes fluids from the body and excessive alcohol consumption can even cause dehydration. A small glass of wine with lunch or dinner is fine, but we certainly don’t recommend downing lots of cocktails between two sauna sessions. Still fancy a sweet drink? Try one of our mocktails, we have more than ten listed on our menu! Don’t forget to drink plenty of water during your day at the sauna to keep your fluid levels balanced. Headache during your sauna visit? This can be a sign that you either haven’t drunk enough or cooled off properly after the sauna session.

By the way, did you know that coffee and black tea also have a diuretic effect and that it is best to limit your consumption of these drinks during your day of wellness?

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