Frequently asked questions

Do I need to book if I want to come with a group of people?

For groups of five people and over we ask that you book (one week) in advance by emailing us at planningboetfort@thermae.com. This applies to access to the thermal baths, massages and treatments.

Booking massages and treatments for up to 4 people, can be done via our contact page or by phone 02 759 81 96.

In your email, clearly state the number of people in your group, whether you want to visit the public baths or book a private sauna, what treatments you would like to have, around what time you will be arriving and leaving, and whether or not you will want to have something to eat.

Groups are very welcome at our thermal baths, providing they (like all our visitors) respect the peace and quiet at our wellness centre.

Het antwoord op je vraag niet teruggevonden?

Geen probleem, stuur een mailtje naar info@thermae.com, neem telefonisch contact op of vul het contactformulier in. Wij helpen je graag verder.

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