How to beat jet lag



Flying to another time zone can play havoc with your body clock. Some people struggle with this for days, while others don’t feel a thing. When you have jet lag, the region of your brain responsible for REM sleep has become disrupted. But fear not, you can prepare your body and limit the effects of jet lag!

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About a week before flying out, change your sleep pattern. If you are travelling east, go to bed and get up a bit earlier. If you are travelling west, you should go to bed later. Also, continue adjusting your sleep schedule while on the plane: go to sleep when it’s bedtime at your destination and make sure you have something to eat with you. That way, you can have a quick bite to eat when it’s breakfast time at your destination, as opposed to when the flight attendant serves food at a different time. 

By the way, it’s also best not to drink any alcohol or coffee on the plane because this will dehydrate you.

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