Sauna for a better night’s sleep?



Research at Utrecht University has shown that a good night’s sleep puts us in a good mood. Obviously, there are many other benefits: it also makes you more productive, helps you cope better with stress, and you are able to process new information faster.

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Do you have trouble sleeping? Here is a tip: make sure that your bedroom really is conducive to sleeping. In other words: banish your TV and your digital devices, keep your bedroom tidy, and make sure that it is dark enough and well ventilated.

Having a sauna helps too. The repeated, alternate exposure to hot and cold puts your body into sleep mode. What’s more, having a sauna also relieves muscle aches and pains, as well as headaches, for instance, which helps you fall asleep more easily.

In the sauna, your body produces melatonin, an endorphin that ensures you fall asleep faster and have a deeper sleep the first few days after your sauna visit.

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