Wellness programme: INTENSE



Every day, the Aufguss masters at Thermae Boetfort organise an extensive wellness programme with various Aufguss, scrubbing and relaxation sessions. These sessions have been subdivided into three categories: Intense, Relax and Rituals. In this blog article, we tell you a little bit more about the Intense sessions!

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Every day, there are no fewer than seven (!) Intense sessions on the programme. The first Intense session of the day is a scrubbing session in the steam bath of the swimwear and the nude area. You are given a handful of salt scrub to scrub your skin with. This removes dead skin cells and the scrubbing action boosts blood flow. The Aufguss master comes round, flapping a towel which wafts bursts of hot air over you. A truly unique experience and you end up with silky smooth skin at that!

This is followed by Intense Aufguss sessions in the Castle sauna, the Kelo sauna and the Mine sauna.

We close the evening with an Intense herbal scrub, a scrubbing session in the steam bath of the nude area. You are given salt scrub mixed with herbs like lavender, thyme or rosemary. The wonderful scent will have you on cloud nine in no time. The session ends with the Aufguss master giving you a moisturising cream with a seasonal scent to apply to your face. Pure heaven!

The final Intense Aufguss session of the day takes place once again in the Castle sauna. The perfect unit to brave the heat, with views of our stunning castle!

Besides these Intense sessions, our daily wellness programme also features Relax and Ritual sessions. So, every day, you are spoilt for choice as to which session(s) you want to take part in for free as a sauna guest!

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