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There are many benefits to a good face massage: it’s relaxing and it improves your skin’s condition and gives you youthful looking skin. We show you how easy it is to do your own face massage with our handy tips below!

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A wonderful face massage is not only relaxing, it also boosts blood flow, resulting in a more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. Plus, it increases collagen and elastin production, helping your skin maintain its firmness and elasticity. Lymphatic drainage improves too; in other words, waste products and excess fluid are removed more quickly.


So, lots of benefits and plenty of reasons to add a face massage to your beauty regime! Below, we share a few tips to get you started.


A good preparation


Take the time to do your massage. Have you been rushing around, stressing about everything just before your massage? Start by taking a couple of deep breaths in and out. Wash your hands and cleanse your face.


Use two fingers or the palms of your hands to do your massage and always work from the bottom to the top and from the centre outwards. You can do a dry massage or use a hydrating mask or serum; that way, you kill two birds with one stone! Repeat the movements described below several times for optimal results.

Front of your neck

The skin on the front of your neck is thinner and more sensitive than facial skin, so don’t apply too much pressure when massaging it. Instead, use gentle strokes.


1.      Place your fingertips under your ears, by your lymph glands and make wide circular movements downwards. Work your way back up along the jawline.

2.      With the palms of your hands, gently stroke from your collarbone up to your chin. This upward movement promotes optimal blood flow.


Chin & nose

1.      Place your fingertips in the middle of your chin and massage your way across your jawbone to your ears in circular movements.

2.      Place your index fingers on either side of your nose and gently massage outwards, towards the corners of your eyes.




1.      Warm your hands by rubbing them together, close your eyes and place your hands flat over your eyes, with your fingers closed. Leave them there for a while. Then, open your eyes and blink a few times.

2.      Lightly tap the skin under your eyes with your fingertips, moving from your nose to your temples.



1.      Place your fingertips between your eyebrows and stroke your eyebrows towards your temples.

2.      Gently pinch the skin at the base of your eyebrows (i.e. by your nose) with your thumb and index finger and lightly knead while moving slowly towards the edge of your eyebrows.



1.      Place your hand horizontally on your forehead by your eyebrows and stroke upwards.

2.      Place your fingertips in the centre of your forehead and gently stroke outwards. As you do, move a little bit higher each time so that you have worked your way past all the ‘lines’ on your forehead.

3.      Using two fingers, massage your temples in circular movements. Start massaging clockwise, then massage counter-clockwise.


And don’t forget your head and the back of your neck!

If you want to give yourself a good face massage, you also need to pay some attention to your head, the back of your neck and your shoulders, because tense muscles reduce neck mobility.

1.      Place your hands on your head and using your fingertips, massage your head from front to back in circular movements.

2.      Pull your hair back in a ponytail and gently pull it.

1.      Breathe in and raise your shoulders to your ears. Hold for a while and gently breathe out while dropping your shoulders back down.

2.      Place your left arm behind your head and grab the back of your neck. Then, knead your neck, moving from top to bottom down to your collarbone. Change sides after a few minutes.

3.      Stand up for a while and shake your arms and hands to loosen up your muscles.


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