New: Mindful Moment – Smoke ritual



New at Thermae Grimbergen: Mindful Moments! Five different unique relaxation experiences that make your sauna day extra special. The fifth experience we introduce to you is the smoke ritual.

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During this spiritual session, our Zen master takes you to the Relaxation room for an unforgettable experience. Using smoke and two or three scents, he not only cleanses the room, but also offers you a unique way to relax at a deeper level.

He leads you through a guided meditation, through your breathing, among other things, engaging all your senses. This really will make you feel more present, allowing you to totally relax so that after the session, you will be able to cope better with stress and whatever the day throws at you!


Thermae Grimbergen: every two weeks on Wednesday at 19:00 in the Relaxation room next to the swimming lake and the Wood-fired sauna (in the garden of the nude area). Check with our Aufguss master or reception staff at the centre to find out which session will be held that day, the smoke or tea ritual. 

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