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The Thermae Cup is a sporting event consisting of 5 unique challenges. The challenges consist of both cardio and strength exercises that are completed in the fitness. You can participate in several challenges at the same time, only by choosing the heptathlon or decathlon you exclude the other option.


Series of seven disciplines that have to be completed as fast as possible.

○ Accessible for all levels


○ Series of 10 disciplines to be completed as fast as possible

Geared towards the advanced athlete


○ Measurement of strength in which you have to perform 3 different movements/lifts

Squat, bench press, deadlift

Cooper test

Conditioning test on treadmill

● Run the largest distance possible in 12 minutes

Rowing test

Sprint test to determine your anaerobic capacity

Finish as fast as possible on a rowing machine.

The Thermae Cup will run from July 12 to August 31. Each challenge has its own ranking, which will be kept up to date via the chalkboard in the fitness. At the end of the Thermae Cup the best man/woman of each ranking will be rewarded with a prize.

How does participation work?

It is best to make an appointment with a coach who will accompany you during the event. It is also possible without appointment but only when a coach is free. He will first give you an explanation and when everything is clear you can start. The coach will also keep track of your time so that it goes flawlessly.

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