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Welcome 2023! A new year is always combined with new resolutions. One popular resolution that tops the list every year is obviously to exercise and exercise more. At Thermae Sports, we know that this does not come easily. The first obstacle is starting, but the second and biggest one is... sticking with it! That's why we are happy to tell you about the power of the all-in subscription at Thermae Sports Merchtem! 

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Thermae Sports is the place to start and stick to your resolutions. Because our all-in subscription includes the following: 

1.         Fitness

2.         Group lessons

3.         Swimming pool

4.         Finnish sauna, infrared sauna and steam bath

5.         Tennis

6.         Padel

7.         Pickleball

At Thermae Sports, you can do a different activity every day of the week! This variety will help you keep your resolution. The all-inclusive subscription is designed to suit you. The result? You never get tired of exercising because there is so much to do. 


This is what your week could look like from now on: 

Monday: workout in the gym with a tailor-made schedule by the coaches. 

Tuesday: 40 laps in the pool.

Wednesday: Game of pickleball with friends on the brand new courts. 

Thursday: Enjoying the wellness.

Friday: Playing padel on the indoor outdoor courts.

Saturday: A group class in the morning to start the weekend off right.

Sunday: Playing tennis in the giant tennis hall.

By the way, did you know that Thermae Sports has lowered its prices? You can read all about it here. 


Have a sportive year at Thermae Sports and register now online!

See you soon, 

The Thermae Sports team.

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