Thermae Sports ladder competition



Are you a member of Thermae Sports and enjoy playing tennis, but can't find any opponents? Then sign up for our ladder competition starting on Monday, February 5! Whether you're experienced or just starting out, the club ladder will help you find players of your level.

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How it works

1) Choose a league (singles or doubles) and register HERE

When signing up, indicate your level, how often you wish to play and your availability.

2) You will be mailed your first match within two weeks.

3) You and your opponent choose a time and reserve the court.

4) You play the match and record the score.

Rounds and seasons

Every two weeks you will receive a new match. Based on the score, we adjust your level to find the best next match. If you are busy or injured you can skip rounds. You can stop and start at any time during the season.

Match rules

You play as long as you have the court reserved and count the number of games won. The match can end in a tie. You switch positions if you win against someone higher ranked.

Click here for the detailed match rules.

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