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Keep a daily sleep diary

 - Health

One in five Belgian people has trouble sleeping. Those aged between 25 and 30 sleep the worst. Why? Being constantly available is making us all stressed. It’s an affliction that has even been given its own name: Social Media Stress. And, what’s the biggest enemy of sleep? You guessed it, stress! But that’s not all, exposure to blue light also keeps you awake.

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These produts work best at night

 - Beauty

Did you know that your skin produces double the amount of skin cells at night compared to during the day? That makes it the ideal time to pamper your skin with a skin repair product (a rich serum, for instance, or an intensely hydrating mask that you can leave on your skin).

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The importance of cooling down

 - Sauna experience

Not quite convinced yet of the importance of cooling down? After fifteen minutes in the sauna, your body temperature has already risen by 1.5°C. Obviously, you need to get rid of this extra heat, but relaxing in the Jacuzzi for half an hour won’t do the trick.

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These foods reduce stress

 - Health

A lot of scientific research has been done into the effect food has on our mental wellbeing. For instance, fibre (e.g. in wholemeal bread, oats, fruit etc) is believed to help you think faster and reduce stress. It also ensures that your blood sugar levels remain stable. Fluctuating blood sugar often causes you to experience feelings of sadness, anger or frustration more easily.

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Halotherapy and eczema

 - Health

When you spend the day at the thermal baths, you can take part in an extensive wellness programme. Among the rituals offered: halotherapy. During this ritual, you enjoy the benefits of salt as you lie down in a salt room, the walls, floor and ceiling of which are completely covered in mineral salts. On top of this, salt is also dispersed in the room.

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