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Take a mobile phone break

 - Health

Do you also spend your evenings scrolling mindlessly through Facebook, Instagram, news sites etc? It’s time to take a break from this, because not only are you missing out on important quality time with family or friends, it also has a negative impact on your health.

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Face mask on? Adapt your skincare regime!

 - Beauty

These days, face masks are everywhere. While some of us only wear a face mask to go to the shops, the rest of us have to wear one all day long at work. Unfortunately, this new ‘accessory’ isn’t always kind to our skin. We are happy to share our tips to make wearing a face mask a bit more bearable!

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New: a real sauna vacation

 - Saunavacation

A staycation? We go one better with our sauna vacation ! Have your holiday at Thermae Boetfort or Thermae Grimbergen and enjoy the benefits of our saunas.

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3 Benefits of a holiday close to home

 - Saunavacation

This is an unusual summer. Going abroad is a lot less appealing than it was pre-pandemic. That said, cabin fever is starting to set in after months of staying at home. We have got the perfect solution: a holiday close to home! Here’s why:

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