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Your first aufguss

 - Aufguss

An Aufguss session is always led by one of our sauna masters. Usually he/she will stand in the middle of the sauna to fan with a damp towel, which raises the wind chill significantly. In other words, you will sweat during an Aufguss session.

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Easter holidays are almost here!

 - General

Spend your Easter holidays close to home, in a unique location! The castle of Thermae Boetfort is a historic estate where you can enjoy sauna and wellness in swimwear ,   as well as in the nude . You have access to both the swimwear and nude areas, but you do need to respect the dress code of the respective areas, of course.

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Sauna for a better night’s sleep?

 - Health

Research at Utrecht University has shown that a good night’s sleep puts us in a good mood. Obviously, there are many other benefits: it also makes you more productive, helps you cope better with stress, and you are able to process new information faster.

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Saunas boost happiness!

 - General

Are you often in a bad mood? Do you have trouble sleeping and do you regularly get out of bed on the wrong side? Then it’s about time you worked on your happiness!

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