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Have you stayed at the Thermae Boetfort Hotel yet?

 - Saunavacation

Thermae Boetfort is more than just sauna. We also offer various wonderful massages, facial and body treatments, two private saunas and two meeting rooms, and you can even spend the night at our Thermae Boetfort Hotel!

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Manager Tine’s favourites

 - General

In our latest blog series, several Thermae Grimbergen and Thermae Boetfort team members have been sharing their Thermae favourites. Ready for more?

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Wellness programme: INTENSE

 - Aufguss

Every day, the Aufguss masters at Thermae Boetfort organise an extensive wellness programme with various Aufguss, scrubbing and relaxation sessions. These sessions have been subdivided into three categories: Intense, Relax and Rituals. In this blog article, we tell you a little bit more about the Intense sessions!

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