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Going to the sauna when pregnant

 - Health

So, you have had this wellness day with your friends scheduled in your diary for ages and BOOM, you find out that you are pregnant. Or maybe you have been pregnant for a few months now and want to treat yourself to some pampering TLC. A big belly doesn’t have to get in the way of you enjoying our wellness facilities!

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DIY Aufguss in the private sauna

 - Sauna experience

Big fan of Aufguss sessions? Or maybe you haven’t tried one yet but you love the smell of lavender? Good news: from now on, you can do your own Aufguss in the private sauna!

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Why you should go offline more often

 - Sauna experience

Do you regularly put down your mobile phone or are you constantly reachable? Taking time to go offline reduces stress, promotes better sleep and boosts your creativity!

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Stress-busting aromatherapy

 - Aufguss

Did you know that we organise two wonderfully relaxing aromatherapy sessions a day at Thermae Boetfort which you, as our sauna guest, can take part in for free?

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