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Sauna for a better night’s sleep?

 - Health

Research at Utrecht University has shown that a good night’s sleep puts us in a good mood. Obviously, there are many other benefits: it also makes you more productive, helps you cope better with stress, and you are able to process new information faster.

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Saunas boost happiness!

 - General

Are you often in a bad mood? Do you have trouble sleeping and do you regularly get out of bed on the wrong side? Then it’s about time you worked on your happiness!

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Banja ritual

 - Aufguss

Have you ever attended a Banja session? During this session, a bunch of birch twigs are dipped in water, which makes them release a lovely, specific scent. They are used to turn up the heat, but also on the participants.

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Dad is the greatest

 - General

Will you also be celebrating early Father’s Day on 19 March? Because they do in Antwerpen! What treats have you got in store for your dad? 

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