Private sauna: 3 advantages


Love a good sauna session but nervous about relaxing with a bunch of strangers? Or maybe you want to spend some quality time together, just the two of you? A private sauna session is just what you need! Below, we have listed some of its advantages.

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Exclusive relaxation

You have the whole unit to yourself/yourselves. You don’t have to share the facilities with anyone else but your chosen company. Swimwear or not? That is entirely up to you. In short, a private sauna offers exclusive relaxation!

Options galore

Our private saunas are actually a mini version of public baths. At both the Lagoon and Zen private sauna, facilities include a swimming pool with Jacuzzi, a steam bath, an infrared sauna and an ordinary sauna. In addition, there are hot and cold showers and relaxation loungers for a short rest.

Also, thanks to our large car park, we have more than enough parking spaces for our visitors. And, we are easily accessible by public transport. Don’t feel like going home yet after your moment of pure relaxation? Visit the charming restaurant on the ground floor of the castle for a tasty bite to eat. Or why not extend your relaxing outing by combining your private sauna session with an overnight stay at our hotel?

In short, options galore!


Booking a private sauna for a couple of hours offers a blissful escape from the frantic pace of life. No stress, no distractions ... It really does feel like a minibreak! And a budget-friendly one at that, because a two-hour session in our private paradise starts from €58 per person! The private saunas can be booked online.

PS: Did you know that we also have two private saunas at Thermae Grimbergen?


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