Coronavirus: what about my massage/beauty treatment?



During beauty treatments, our employees always wear a face mask. We ask our customers to do the same.

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There are some treatments where this may not be possible; for instance, when you are having a facial treatment or when you are lying face down during a massage. In those situations, you may, of course, take off your mask. When giving facial treatments, our beauty therapists not only wear a face mask but also a face shield to offer optimal protection.

You must also wear a face mask in the waiting room. All surfaces in the rooms (treatment rooms, waiting room etc.) are sanitised from the start of the working day and in between every customer visit.

If you are visiting our wellness centre for a treatment* only, we ask you to have a shower at the centre beforehand. You can do this in our public baths – you will be given bath towels when checking in. 

Whatever you do, don’t forget to book in advance by telephone.

Thermae Boetfort: +32 2 759 81 96.

Thermae Grimbergen: +32 2 270 81 96.

*compulsory for all treatments, except manicures, pedicures and facial treatments.

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