Are sauna visits safe in coronavirus times?


Maybe you have been wondering whether you can safely enjoy your sauna and wellness in these coronavirus times? Our answer is a resounding yes! What’s more, together with Saunavereniging België, the Belgian sauna society, we developed the Safe Sauna label.

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At Thermae Grimbergen and Thermae Boetfort, health, hygiene and safety are and always have been at the top of our priority list, right from the start. Our wellness centres are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised all day long and the water of our baths and swimming pools is also checked several times a day. What’s more, we have put in place a number of extra coronavirus measures. You can read more about this here. So, we are doing everything we can to ensure you enjoy a safe and relaxing sauna visit.

Sauna, good for your health

Now more than ever, we want to highlight the health benefits of having regular saunas. Not many people in Belgium and neighbouring countries are convinced of this yet; unlike in Finland and Sweden, where having a sauna is part of everyday life.

The Dutch sauna society shared five good reasons for regularly going to the sauna, which we felt deserve a mention here too. 

1.       Saunas boost your immunity

People who regularly go to the sauna have better immunity and are less likely to fall ill. The alternate exposure to hot and cold temperatures trains your body to cope better with temperature changes. Your body produces antibodies, among other things, as a result of the shock of being exposed to hot and cold. Research has also shown that people who regularly go to the sauna have more white blood cells, making them less likely to catch a cold or the flu.

2.       Saunas reduce stress

A day at the sauna allows you to completely relax for a while, making you feel less stressed. Your body produces endorphins in response to the heat exposure, a hormone that helps you feel less pain, sleep better, but also makes you more relaxed.

3.       Saunas cleanse your body

Your body responds to the heat in the sauna by sweating, and blood flow increases. This results in the faster removal of waste products and better supply of oxygen and nutrients. Your pores also open up, so that excess sebum and other impurities are secreted from the various skin layers. Regularly going to the sauna not only cleanses your body, it also strengthens the protective barrier of your skin, hydrates the epidermis, and boosts cell renewal.

4.       Saunas increase your sense of wellbeing

In the sauna, your body temperature rises and to keep this under control, several processes are initiated in your body. For instance, the neurons in your brain start to release serotonin, a feel-good hormone that gives you a sense of wellbeing!

5.       Saunas are safe in coronavirus times

Scientific research has shown that the COVID-19 virus survives less well at temperatures between 40°C and 60°C and during a sauna of minimum 80°C, the virus is killed off within a minute. So, the sauna may well be one of the safest places to hang out!

Are you, like us, convinced of the benefits of a sauna day? Book your sauna session at Thermae Boetfort or Thermae Grimbergen online now and enjoy a day of relaxation. See you soon!

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