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COVID-19: My gift voucher expired during your closure, what now?

If you bought a gift voucher during the mandatory closing, don't worry. The same applies, of course, to anyone who already had a gift voucher which expired during this closure. Specifically, we are extending all gift certificates purchased from us (in the webshop or at the reception) between 1/9/2019 and 8/6/2021. We had already extended all these gift vouchers until 9/12/2021. All gift vouchers that have not been used by that date will be extended one last time until 31/03/2022. Thereafter, the gift vouchers can only be renewed upon payment of an administrative fee. You don't have to contact us for this, just bring your gift voucher along during your visit. With a gift certificate, you can now also book your private sauna online in one click. This way you may avoid long waiting times on the phone!

Het antwoord op je vraag niet teruggevonden?

Geen probleem, stuur een mailtje naar info@thermae.com of neem telefonisch contact op. Wij helpen je graag verder.

Opgelet: reservaties worden niet via mail behandeld. Gelieve ons hiervoor op te bellen.

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