Zen private sauna: new cold sauna


From now on, you can discover the benefits of a cold sauna in the Zen private sauna!

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The temperature in the cold sauna is around 12 degrees. It’s the perfect place for a good cooldown between two hot saunas. What’s more, cold exposure has several health benefits. It boosts circulation, allowing oxygen-rich blood to be delivered to your vital organs more quickly and waste products to be removed more efficiently. It helps you get a better night’s sleep and in response to the cold, your body releases endorphins, which makes you feel happier and less stressed.

But that’s not all. A cold sauna also improves your ability to concentrate as well as your reaction speed. And, it promotes skin elasticity through increased collagen production.

Would you like to try the cold sauna? Make sure to listen to your body. You are not meant to spend a long time in the cold sauna, just five to fifteen minutes will do.

Besides the cold sauna, you will also find a traditional Finnish sauna in the Zen private sauna, as well as an infrared sauna, a Turkish steam bath, a swimming pool with Jacuzzi, and relaxation loungers. You can hire the Zen private sauna for a few hours for two to twelve people. Click here to explore all available options. 

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